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Trueman Goes to Rome: Child Dignity in the Digital World

World Congress on Child Dignity in the Digital World During an extraordinary opportunity to spread NCOSE’s message on a global scale, our President Patrick Trueman traveled to Rome for the World Congress on Child Dignity in the Digital World on October 6. The purpose of the Congress was to recognize that there is an unprecedented […]

Patrick Trueman with Pope Francis in Rome

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

Amazon, Stop Turning a Blind Eye to the Sexual Harms You Promote

In the wake of Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein scandal, Amazon Studio’s Chief Roy Price was suspended yesterday following allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him by a producer for Amazon Studios. Corporate leaders create corporate culture. If the people at the top are engaging in sexual harassment, or other forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, it […]

NCOSE Trainings in Hawaii Helped Pave the Way to New Government Resource on Trafficking

Earlier this past September, NCOSE’s very own Vice President of Research and Education, Lisa Thompson, traveled to Hawaii to speak at a statewide training titled “Understanding and Recognizing Trafficking in Persons”. This week-long training series was hosted by Representative Andria Tupola and the partnership of Hawaii’s State Department of Health and Department of Human Services. […]

Issue: Sex Trafficking

Terry Crews Highlights Male Abuse In Light of Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Producer Harvey Weinstein has recently been confronted with allegations of sexually harassing women in Hollywood. A torrent of women have begun stepping forward to acknowledge their stories of how Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed them and abused his power. Tragically, stories of men in high power positions exploiting women are not unusual in our society. But […]

Issue: Sexual Violence

Man viewed child porn at Batavia library, prosecutors charge – Buffalo News

Originally published Oct. 4, 2017 in The Buffalo News Typically, a man arrested for child pornography possession is forced to give up his private laptop or phone. In Robert Roy Richmond’s case, the computer he is accused of using is located in the Batavia Public Library. Richmond, a Batavia resident, was scheduled to appear Wednesday […]

Issue: Pornography Harms

Defend Dignity, Ending Sexual Exploitation in Canada

I recently had the chance to catch up with our friend and ally, Glendyne Gerrard, of Defend Dignity in Canada.  Defend Dignity has a campaign called “Choose Change” modeled after our Dirty Dozen List, in which they identify organizations and entities that facilitate sexual exploitation through their policies. In one of their recent Choose Change victories, […]

Glendyne Gerrard of Defend Dignity in Canada

Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein’s Alleged Sexual Harassment

Ashley Judd and several other women have accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment over the course of several decades. Following a New York Times report detailing the allegations, Weinstein issued an apology, but subsequently threatened to sue the newspaper for what he and his attorney characterized as defamatory statements based on hearsay. Hollywood […]

Harvey Weinstein

Pornography and Sex Trafficking Are Linked: Take It From the FBI

We got a call a while back that I think you’d like to know about. One of our donors called our President Patrick Trueman to praise our work exposing the connection between pornography and sex trafficking. This caller works for the FBI and deals with sex trafficking victims in her daily work. She told us […]

Issue: Pornography Harms

Impact on Capitol Hill, Standing for Online Sex Trafficking Victims

At the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, we are making sure Congress hears the voices of sexually exploited people. Right now, we are pushing Congress to amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.  For decades, the courts have wrongly interpreted section 230 of the CDA to shield and give broad immunity to websites that publish third-party content […]

CUA Law Prof. Mary Leary Testifies

Communications Decency Act

He was exposed to pornography at age 11, on his school laptop

Schools are supposed to be safe learning environments, where technology is an educational benefit. However, over the past several years, it’s become clear that schools are not doing enough to protect children from being exposed to pornography on school grounds or school electronic devices. One young man recalls how he was exposed to pornography at […]


Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

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